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  • Apps that tell your story.

    Innovative applications, web interfaces, mobile UI/UX, and database development to support story telling, secure information management, and positive change.

  • Personal story telling.

    Utilize modern technology to tell your story to impact and encourage your family and friends for generations.

  • Media rich legacy crafting.

    Combine images, galleries, videos, and other modern media all from your mobile device.

  • Securely hosted and monitored.

    Control the flow of your personal data with the assurance of it's security and transferability to your friends, family, and partners.

Applications built for story telling, secure information management, and legacy building.

Utilize the power of telling your story to heal, connect, and build healthy futures.

Cross platform

Mobile Accessibility

Apps with you wherever you go and when you need them. Utilizing technology and tools for the timeless art of story telling.

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Personal & Enterprise

Customizable Settings

Setting which allow you to share siloed chapters or media while keeping other data your own.

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Fully automated

Janus Algorithm

Our patent pending algorithm to manage, filter, and trigger data sharing (time/event locked) to friends, family, and partners based on your or their prescribed milestones.

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Peace of mind

Secure Platforms

Optional multi-point military grade database security to protect your story with internal and external event monitoring.

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Media and content cross platform

— Evoke Applications

Helping share your story with future generations.

We develop applications that both help record and share stories and are customizable to meet the needs of your clients and their networks.

Journaling and story telling is a proven way to both cope and ensure a positive mental health.

Telling our stories also brings us together. Share events with comments, photos, and video.

Build a story to share with friends and family for generations.

Social media is about the present, and while that's great, our applications celebrate the past into the future. 

Information is bought and sold. That's why our servers are vaults - not client lists - managed by internal and external partners ensure your data's security and release when you tell us.

Cross-platform photo album application


TimeCapsules is an archival video technology app that allows each and every service member to create multiple short video messages for their loved ones and family members as part of their pre-deployment preparation

Tell the story of your home


HomeStory is a cross planform application allowing the user to record, archive, and recall pertinent information about their home. This includes renovations, part numbers, internal structural plans not visible at this time, and other updates they've performed over the years.

This information can be transferred to future owners and residents to ensure safety and accuracy in ongoing home maintenance.

Healing through story telling


MyChapters offers a customizable mobile and web-based application which gives the user the ability to record pattern for personal and mental health care professional use, as well as personal journaling, and life-event recording shareable with future generations.

MyChapters Mental Health can be an accessible and powerful daily tracker for users as well as their healthcare professionals. *Keeping both yourself and healthcare professionals regularly informed can track stressors, successful coping skills, and patterns to prevent future harm.

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What's the point?

The point of our applications to utilize the timeless art of story telling to provide our users with:
1. an outlet for good mental health and
2. the medium to tell their story - chapter by chapter - in a secure media-rich environment for their own use or for future generations.

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Today we are in the midst of a metal health epidemic. This can be made much worse by tools like social media. Meant to connect us but having the opposite effect and leaving users feeling more alone and disconnected.

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Our Solution.

Learning from the issues with Social Media while utilizing the positive. People, despite mental health conditions and life situations, are social being and desire to tell their story. Whether for their own review or to share with others we provide a user-controlled, secure environment to do just that.

— Applications tailored for
— Like our applications

We develop applications and partner with like-minded start-ups to serve the military, emergency responders, educators, mental health professionals, healthcare workers and more.

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