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What is MyChapters?

MyChapters offers essential support to individuals and their loved ones struggling with mental illness, affected by a life-threatening illness or debilitating disease, serving in the military, or seeking to catalog and share “chapters” of their life with family and friends.

Everyone needs a place to put “it.” IT can be a feeling, a thought, an experience, a request for others to support, a place to share your journey, a place to not feel alone. This is your personal virtual journal to capture the journey you are on.

These tools allow one to create and share memories that make living feel meaningful and worthwhile – now, during this difficult chapter of one’s life, and for future generations.

What we do

The Problem

We are currently in a mental health epidemic

  • 40% of U.S. adults experienced mental illness in 2020 (over 51.5 million people). This represents 1 in 5 adults.
  • 5.2% of U.S. adults experienced serious mental illness in 2019 (13.1 million people). This represents 1 in 20 adults.
  • 16.5% of U.S. youth aged 6-17 experienced a mental health disorder in 2016 (7.7 million people)
  • 3.8% of U.S. adults experienced a co-occurring substance use disorder and mental illness in 2019 (9.5 million people)
  • Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among people aged 10-34 in the U.S. and the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • The average delay between the onset of mental illness symptoms and treatment is 11 years.

What we do

The Impact

Its impact is enormous


  • People with depression have a 40% higher risk of developing cardiovascular and metabolic diseases than the general population. People with serious mental illness are nearly twice as likely to develop these conditions.
  • 18.4% of U.S. adults with mental illness also experienced a substance use disorder in 2019 (9.5 million individuals)
  • The rate of unemployment is higher among U.S. adults who have mental illness (5.8%) compared to those who do not (3.6%)
  • High school students with significant symptoms of depression are more than twice as likely to drop out compared to their peers
  • Students aged 6-17 with mental, emotional or behavioral concerns are 3x more likely to repeat a grade.


  • At least 8.4 million people in the U.S. provide care to an adult with a mental or emotional health issue
  • Caregivers of adults with mental or emotional health issues spend an average of 32 hours per week providing unpaid care.


  • Mental illness and substance use disorders are involved in 1 out of every 8 emergency department visits by a U.S. adult (estimated 12 million visits)
  • Mood disorders are the most common cause of hospitalization for all people in the U.S. under age 45 (after excluding hospitalization relating to pregnancy and birth)
  • Across the U.S. economy, serious mental illness causes $193.2 billion in lost earnings each year
  • 20.5% of people experiencing homelessness in the U.S. have a serious mental health condition
  • 37% of adults incarcerated in the state and federal prison system have a diagnosed mental illness
  • 70.4% of youth in the juvenile justice system have a diagnosed mental illness
  • 41% of Veteran’s Health Administration patients have a diagnosed mental illness or substance use disorder


  • Depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion in lost productivity each year 
  • Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide

The Solution

One App // Many functions


The core of the application and an opportunity to add life events to your story. Add them to your MyJourney map, share them with and engage MyConnections members, or log a private entry for only your heart to hold.


Invite family and friends to connect with your shared life events. Users can add stories, pictures, and video to an already created life chapter or invite you to connect to their created life chapter profile.


Add locations to the chapter’s life events and trace your journey. Whether it’s around the world or around the state, you can document key locations in your life and allow future generations to follow your journey.


This feature allows the user to create Chapters accessible to friends and family on future days, life events, and upon the user’s passing. Tell stories and share legacies in text, video, audio, documents, and photo media formats..

From personal journaling to daily check-ins to monitor trends and get immediate help​

Two of the top ways to manage and correctly identify mental symptoms and escalations are by journaling and keeping both you and your mental healthcare professional regularly aware of forming patterns stressors.

MyChapters offers a customizable mobile and web-based application which gives the user the ability to record pattern for personal and mental health care professional use, as well as personal journaling, and life-event recording shareable with future generations.

MyChapters Mental Health can be an accessible and powerful daily tracker for users as well as their healthcare professionals.  *Keeping both yourself and healthcare professionals regularly informed can track stressors, successful coping skills, and patterns to prevent future harm.