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Preserving the legacy of those we cherish.

Preserving the legacy of those we cherish.


TimeCapsules is an archival video technology app that allows each and every service member to create multiple short video messages for their loved ones and family members as part of their pre-deployment preparation.

Our Purpose

Company and founders

James Donley

It can never replace the joys and experiences of having our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and other family members with us in our lives, but it can allow them to, in a way, remain with us and encourage and guide us at important events in our lives. Read More…

Sandy Wheeler

This vision was to produce an Archival Video Technology Platform that would enable all who served to produce a video, or videos for those closest to them and archive them in a secure storage facility to be disbursed upon specific dates into the future. Read More…

Devon Blake

When COVID ravished our country in 2020, and so many families and friends were unable to say goodbye, the vision to develop an integrated app to capture the voices, the faces, and the sentiments of our loved ones came into sight. Read More…

News and Updates

How it works

Personalized short video messages for deployed service persons’ loved ones released for events and/or specific dates into the future. Intuitive, secure, and stable features for deployed military members



“Everyone so far that I have chatted with are emotionally devastated as to what just happened in Afghanistan and want to do “something.” I believe that TimeCapsules could be the “something” as it would allow us to say: Not on my watch will one more service person sacrifice their life without being able to leave video messages to those they love that can preserve the face, the personality and the voice of the veteran for a lifetime/generations!!!”

Sharing and preserving our loved one’s voices, likeness, and words of comfort and encouragement for generations.

the Mission

You are a valuable part of giving a voice to those serving in the armed forces and deployed overseas.

Our goal is to preserve the voices of those serving overseas and putting their lives on the line for our country through the TimeCapsules Application.

We are excited to invite you to partner with us to get this application into the hands of our first round of deployed personnel and enable its continued development and give those who risk so much, peace of mind that their voice and their legacy will be heard by their loved ones and future generations.

TO SUPPORT: Fill out the below form and finalize your support on our GoFundMe page.

TimeCapsules app

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